I lost my covid virginity on 21st December 2022, 3:30 pm

After 3 years of holding strong on my covid virginity despite travelled to many different countries in between and now officially shot down by the virus…

I took my flight back from Bangkok on the 18th December 2022. That was the first time ever we took econ class among our trips in these 3 years time. Ever since covid started, we never travel with econ class due to the safety purpose and this time was due to company trip and so we chose econ and BINGO….

I rarely get sick but if i do that means it will be a severe one.



Ate a lot of thai food which is fried and spicy during the whole trip. Thought maybe caused by the hot food consumption. Self tested and it turned out Negative.



Went to clinic and doctor assigned 5days- antibiotic and fever medication. Popped the antibiotic and continue my work.

*after the medication, my left lower body very itchy and feeling sour, very uncomfortable…*

Self tested again – Negative


Severe sore throat + lose my voice + fever + numbness + drowsiness +cough

Today, I felt myself like floating in the air. Very light headed and sweat a lot. Popped the antibiotic again without taking the fever medicine *to see if this medicine is the one cause the itchiness* Unfortunately, it is still the same. my left lower body started to feel itchy again and very uncomfortable. Eyes started to feel burning and totally loss of energy…

immediately admitted to emergency ward for dripping.

Doc did a swap on me to get tested again and turned out to be Positive.


Severe sore throat + lose my voice still + severe cough

No more fever but coughing until chest pain. T_T

Phlegm hard to get out too… it is like coughing so hard and can hear the phlegm but it just wont come out…



very slight sore throat + cough

I feel like reborn. Jumping around and hoping to celebrate soon! I have my voice back . Not perfect, but clear enough for people to hear me. Still coughing a lot but overall so much better than the previous affected days..

Unfortunately… bb got tested positive today… ><

and all our Christmas trips and plans have to cancelled due to covid+ too… T_T

Special thanks to my bb for taking care of me all days in and out , bring me to hospital , prepare all my foods and daily routines, help me source medicine and etc… somemore purposely set up TV at our second room where i quarantined… *but i dont watch TV ..XD *

Continue our quarantine.

一个不小心,我职业身份又加了个厨师! 这部落小格本来就是让我记载些有的没的。。一个不小心刷到 就像井底小青蛙得了个长阶梯式的飞跃出井口开始探人生之道!

这小格写着写着。。都维持了十指手指算不完, 加上脚趾还有剩点。。。

#throwback 中五等SPM成绩时跑去附近幼儿园早班当幼教,课后安亲班ALLinONE。。。 老实说到现在对小孩有恐惧感还真归于当时短短3个月的安亲班。。。简直天堂与地狱的最佳代表作!!!!🥶🥶🥶🥶

大学时期第一份周末小副业就是卖苹果!同事只卖大苹果而我大小通吃。。。小苹果有RM5佣金 ,大苹果有RM15佣金 。。反正看到顾客立马就冲上 $$$ 就这样干着干着又一个不小心遇见“星探”😛也不知道要怎么称呼了。。类似吧😁 然后就加入代言模特行业啦!相当年人生经验还真不错!拿下6项连界选美冠亚季,包过’12 Miss World Malaysia 等。。真真的。。真真真的感觉超棒!*回想小时候感觉就是男人婆+胖,选美?从来就只是银幕上的观赏,从来就不敢想*

至于房地产经纪这份副业呢,就没有一个不小心的了。。这就只归功于自己特大的推动力和勇气自己walk-in 当时最红房地产GS Realty,然后声明要最TOP Leader 就变跟班了! 这里肯定要再次深深感谢3大学姐妹!要不是她们的超义气帮忙签名上各种花样借口等。。大考肯定没得进咯!班里最调皮的名单我也不知不觉的入前三!平时通常只会见到我书包或大衣,人应该见不了。。除非教授开始拿名单喊大名😆 姐妹们灵敏的嗅觉早在名单出现前就打电话过来让正在附近给顾客看房的我秒冲回班!

干房地产这行也同时把自己职业身份多重化:设计师,工程师,木匠,铁匠,什么匠都有。。。甚至称得上专业清洁员工等等。。。。。什~~~~~么都包KA LIAO!形成了我一手带大而且赶在Airbnb诞生前的Daily Home Rental咯! 那个时候头脑要是更精点就应该搞个airbnb平台就好😆

今天2022年11月1日,真的又是一个不小心。。。又加了个职业身份来了! 这是我从来从来从来想都不要想的。。。搞餐厅!时间没啦~~~~~~ T___________T



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Ramadan Buffet 2022 @ Cinnamon Coffee House (One World Hotel Petaling Jaya)

Ramadan Buffet 2022 :: Let’s berBuka Puasa @ Cinnamon ,One World Hotel

It’s the holly month again and it’s time to have some family & friends bonding session although this year will need to take extra care while dining out .


Cinnamon has it all well planned with proper SOPs for your dine-in. All staffs had been fully vaccinated and everyone will need to follow their dine-in SOPs closely. One-time plastic gloves will be provided too!

Look at the variety of fruits selection!!!! For me, I will always go for fruits before main as my digestion system is not super good condition so is not advisable to consume fruits after meal 😉

Hot food can always warm up my stomach! Dim Sum First!

So much choices that I have to even share each piece of the dim sum so that I can keep space for others XD

Enjoy your unlimited fresh prawns , oysters, clams, and crabs at the seafood zone ;)

Meat eater , this corner is for you! and many many more still XD

Now comes the main dishes! Let me show you what I meant when I said I need to share every single piece of the dim sum to save a space for the main..

Look at the selection of food at ONE OF THE COUNTERS! XD

This place definitely one of the top choice when you’re having a dilemma of not knowing what to eat .. Just come and walk around and eat!

Pasta corner ! Let the chefs know your preference : more cheese / less cheese , more creamy/less creamy, etc!

Another main section.

The kuih-muih corner

All the satay and curries selection

Different types of noodle and asian side dishes

Desserts section ! Whole L shape of long table with full of variety cakes and tarts !

There’re some outdoor food carts too!

Ice cream potong , my chilhood treats!

OH YEA ! not to forget about this little corner where you can have some fun on your very own rojak making !

You shall be expecting a large shell-out and blue mocktail to be serve too as u seated.

I like the wide variety of food provided as well as the customer services. Another thing that i like about it is that we can have a good walk to digest in the meant time hunt for another plate of yummies xD

Now, there’s an Early Bird Special Promo for this Ramadan Buffet 2022 @ Cinnamon Coffee House from 18th February 2022 to 2nd April 2022.

Adult RM158 NETT/pax

Child RM79 NETT/pax

Time: 6pm – 11pm daily

*Actual Ramadan Dinner Buffet RM178 (3rd April 2022 – 2nd May 2022)*

Feel free to call in for your table reservation 03-7681 1157 or click here for web reservation.

Enjoy!! tata <3

Elephant Republic @ Bukit Bintang ,KL

This is one entrance that makes me stop by and have a cup of cooling coconut blended under 37 °C weather

I like this pizza *MUST be served HOT*

Elephant Republic
(Bbehind Jalan Alor)
7, Jalan Rembia, Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: 11AM- 8PM ( closed Tuesday)

it’s 2022

This is happening .

Everyday , now and then , i will need to keep reminding myself that it’s 2022 now. *to save me from the date signing mistake*

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just me feeling this but many whom i have spoken to had told me the same too..

Remembering when i was in my teen age, mum always says the same thing. She literally repeating the same phrase time to time..

‘soo fast! another day again..’

Well, i remembered it so well that i do not agree with her at all those days…For me , time was just ticking too slow … i was expecting adulthood so sooo much… seeing all the fun for being freedom *not tied up to the schooling schedule* and i don’t know… erm , a lot of social meet ups , events ? …As long as not just seeing the same face everyday in the school ..

That thought was more than a decade ago…..

So much yet so little !!

People on every part of the earth are still fighting against Covid virus but now it seems like a part of us . Simply sign in to the Facebook dashboard and we all see names that we know reported to be positive. Now, it really do feels like it’s just normal Flu.

However, it’s still as scary as 2019… for me.

Here, i would like to take this small opportunity here to wish all of you safe and healthy, it had been so long and it’s still a long way to go.. we do what we can to protect each other and make possible for the next gen too…

Russia-Ukraine War is still on-going..

Global pandemic + war … I don’t dare to imagine… PEACE pls…

Bitcoins overtake Russian Ruble at this point.

Malaysia , as one of the safest country to live in is now hitting by recurring nature disaster too…

What’s coming next?

Someone somewhere crying for homeless and fear of losing… someone somewhere celebrating for some other reasons…

At this point, i wanted to see that people start to appreciate people , time , nature , and everything else that we are having now…

As that’s exactly how i feel now…

Have more gratitude everyday!

Walk the Talk

The more we meet people, the more we learnt .

One interesting point i learnt from some of these conversations was it is always so easy to imagine and speak it out . The imagined world is so perfectly coated with sugar and cream and everything sounds easy when you speak it out from your imaginary world.

It happened. Always.

It don’t just happen among ordinary person but also on some personnel.

As the cruel clock ticking , the imaginary world started to be not so perfect and eventually faded away …

It is hard to even speak to one who don’t walk their talk. It is undeniable a waste of time but we can always take it to remind ourselves on that.

Action speaks louder.

We are always amazed with beautiful talks.

Talking the talk is very important as language lead to action first.

But, the later part is the key to the road of success.

Don’t dream , do it !

NOTHING comes for FREE

Passing by a cosmetic shop in MBS , a well suited tall good looking Caucasian walked near to me and offering free sample.

“This is for you, lovely lady. You’re the lucky one and this is absolutely a free gift for you!” He smiled after the smooth clear sentence just like you had memorized it and practiced that particular sentence over hundred thousands times a day.

“No , thanks!”


It’s FREE!

Try it … You may accept the free sample. The moment you reacted to them or even an eye contact , you’re doomed! *Provided you’ve no intention to buy anything other than receiving free stuff*

It’s the way they gain your attention and the opportunity to PULL you into their shop and start brain washing you on how good how great their product is! *I don’t deny if there’s any fact about how good their product is and I couldn’t agree more that their marketing skill is at their best*

This is just an example.

In life, GREED is the biggest addiction. This is the social basis of human behaviour or I should said majority* ..

We don’t expect something for FREE . First , get away the hungriness of “GREED”.

If you wish for something FREE, then don’t expect to get the best of it . At least, this is where the logic is…

Stock market is the biggest pool in trapping those who are greedy. Ironically, some say that you have to be greedy to earn big money. I second that but with TnCs! What are the TnC?

Don’t ask me now as I need a long time to actually list down the damn long TnC ! I can only tell you that no one success without putting any effort !


I am tired with tons of requests for free tips , free advices , free sharing or even asked me to do EVERYTHING without any cost incurred and hoping for incredible return!

We share as we wanted to share but sharings shall not be taken as granted.

If you’re ever offered free stuff, remember something in return to be expected!

Good luck and I will be signing off now with love <3

Time is a Gift.

‘Why is the government not helping me ?’

‘So boring ! What can i do ?’

‘ Google on [What’s the most played game during MCO]’

Let’s start our movie marathon!’

‘I have no salary now.. How??? Can anyone please help?’

These are the most common discussions during this MCO..

Why are people not taking the advantage of TIME to do something more meaningful now ? Or try to learn and sort out a way to gain some source of income rather than keep complaining??

TIME is so precious . Time is a gift . Time is everything you need right now.

And we are given enough TIME during this MCO…

What have you done ?

You will be the one !

Are you feeling comfortable with your daily life now ?

Are you paying all your commitments without any hesitation as usual?

Are you still spending on anything that pop out in your mind as usual?

Are you giving your best to your loved one as usual?

If you have more than a YES , CONGRATULATION ! You are the luckiest population among the market now !

The whole world is discussing about the coming disaster . Everyone is watching on their daily budget and working hard to improve daily needs. Some even start worrying about their family meal expenses .. or even bills…

It is affecting every single stream and you’re the luckiest if you fit into any YES above..

Today, I had a coffee chat with a friend who started his value investing more than 10 years ago. I told him that i hope i learnt how to manage my capital way way WAY earlier so that i have even more bullets now for the coming opportunity.

However, there are many many more who yet to even explore what i am experiencing right now.

You don’t go to the war naked. Equipped yourself with fighting weapons , chance only given once , especially the super sweet one!

I am on local stock market in the day time and now let me check on my other investment portfolio before welcoming another possible red day tomorrow ! Gambateh!!! <3

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