Ramadan Buffet 2022 @ Cinnamon Coffee House (One World Hotel Petaling Jaya)

Ramadan Buffet 2022 :: Let’s berBuka Puasa @ Cinnamon ,One World Hotel

It’s the holly month again and it’s time to have some family & friends bonding session although this year will need to take extra care while dining out .


Cinnamon has it all well planned with proper SOPs for your dine-in. All staffs had been fully vaccinated and everyone will need to follow their dine-in SOPs closely. One-time plastic gloves will be provided too!

Look at the variety of fruits selection!!!! For me, I will always go for fruits before main as my digestion system is not super good condition so is not advisable to consume fruits after meal 😉

Hot food can always warm up my stomach! Dim Sum First!

So much choices that I have to even share each piece of the dim sum so that I can keep space for others XD

Enjoy your unlimited fresh prawns , oysters, clams, and crabs at the seafood zone ;)

Meat eater , this corner is for you! and many many more still XD

Now comes the main dishes! Let me show you what I meant when I said I need to share every single piece of the dim sum to save a space for the main..

Look at the selection of food at ONE OF THE COUNTERS! XD

This place definitely one of the top choice when you’re having a dilemma of not knowing what to eat .. Just come and walk around and eat!

Pasta corner ! Let the chefs know your preference : more cheese / less cheese , more creamy/less creamy, etc!

Another main section.

The kuih-muih corner

All the satay and curries selection

Different types of noodle and asian side dishes

Desserts section ! Whole L shape of long table with full of variety cakes and tarts !

There’re some outdoor food carts too!

Ice cream potong , my chilhood treats!

OH YEA ! not to forget about this little corner where you can have some fun on your very own rojak making !

You shall be expecting a large shell-out and blue mocktail to be serve too as u seated.

I like the wide variety of food provided as well as the customer services. Another thing that i like about it is that we can have a good walk to digest in the meant time hunt for another plate of yummies xD

Now, there’s an Early Bird Special Promo for this Ramadan Buffet 2022 @ Cinnamon Coffee House from 18th February 2022 to 2nd April 2022.

Adult RM158 NETT/pax

Child RM79 NETT/pax

Time: 6pm – 11pm daily

*Actual Ramadan Dinner Buffet RM178 (3rd April 2022 – 2nd May 2022)*

Feel free to call in for your table reservation 03-7681 1157 or click here for web reservation.

Enjoy!! tata <3

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