Walk the Talk

The more we meet people, the more we learnt .

One interesting point i learnt from some of these conversations was it is always so easy to imagine and speak it out . The imagined world is so perfectly coated with sugar and cream and everything sounds easy when you speak it out from your imaginary world.

It happened. Always.

It don’t just happen among ordinary person but also on some personnel.

As the cruel clock ticking , the imaginary world started to be not so perfect and eventually faded away …

It is hard to even speak to one who don’t walk their talk. It is undeniable a waste of time but we can always take it to remind ourselves on that.

Action speaks louder.

We are always amazed with beautiful talks.

Talking the talk is very important as language lead to action first.

But, the later part is the key to the road of success.

Don’t dream , do it !