it’s 2022

This is happening .

Everyday , now and then , i will need to keep reminding myself that it’s 2022 now. *to save me from the date signing mistake*

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just me feeling this but many whom i have spoken to had told me the same too..

Remembering when i was in my teen age, mum always says the same thing. She literally repeating the same phrase time to time..

‘soo fast! another day again..’

Well, i remembered it so well that i do not agree with her at all those days…For me , time was just ticking too slow … i was expecting adulthood so sooo much… seeing all the fun for being freedom *not tied up to the schooling schedule* and i don’t know… erm , a lot of social meet ups , events ? …As long as not just seeing the same face everyday in the school ..

That thought was more than a decade ago…..

So much yet so little !!

People on every part of the earth are still fighting against Covid virus but now it seems like a part of us . Simply sign in to the Facebook dashboard and we all see names that we know reported to be positive. Now, it really do feels like it’s just normal Flu.

However, it’s still as scary as 2019… for me.

Here, i would like to take this small opportunity here to wish all of you safe and healthy, it had been so long and it’s still a long way to go.. we do what we can to protect each other and make possible for the next gen too…

Russia-Ukraine War is still on-going..

Global pandemic + war … I don’t dare to imagine… PEACE pls…

Bitcoins overtake Russian Ruble at this point.

Malaysia , as one of the safest country to live in is now hitting by recurring nature disaster too…

What’s coming next?

Someone somewhere crying for homeless and fear of losing… someone somewhere celebrating for some other reasons…

At this point, i wanted to see that people start to appreciate people , time , nature , and everything else that we are having now…

As that’s exactly how i feel now…

Have more gratitude everyday!

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