I lost my covid virginity on 21st December 2022, 3:30 pm

After 3 years of holding strong on my covid virginity despite travelled to many different countries in between and now officially shot down by the virus…

I took my flight back from Bangkok on the 18th December 2022. That was the first time ever we took econ class among our trips in these 3 years time. Ever since covid started, we never travel with econ class due to the safety purpose and this time was due to company trip and so we chose econ and BINGO….

I rarely get sick but if i do that means it will be a severe one.



Ate a lot of thai food which is fried and spicy during the whole trip. Thought maybe caused by the hot food consumption. Self tested and it turned out Negative.



Went to clinic and doctor assigned 5days- antibiotic and fever medication. Popped the antibiotic and continue my work.

*after the medication, my left lower body very itchy and feeling sour, very uncomfortable…*

Self tested again – Negative


Severe sore throat + lose my voice + fever + numbness + drowsiness +cough

Today, I felt myself like floating in the air. Very light headed and sweat a lot. Popped the antibiotic again without taking the fever medicine *to see if this medicine is the one cause the itchiness* Unfortunately, it is still the same. my left lower body started to feel itchy again and very uncomfortable. Eyes started to feel burning and totally loss of energy…

immediately admitted to emergency ward for dripping.

Doc did a swap on me to get tested again and turned out to be Positive.


Severe sore throat + lose my voice still + severe cough

No more fever but coughing until chest pain. T_T

Phlegm hard to get out too… it is like coughing so hard and can hear the phlegm but it just wont come out…



very slight sore throat + cough

I feel like reborn. Jumping around and hoping to celebrate soon! I have my voice back . Not perfect, but clear enough for people to hear me. Still coughing a lot but overall so much better than the previous affected days..

Unfortunately… bb got tested positive today… ><

and all our Christmas trips and plans have to cancelled due to covid+ too… T_T

Special thanks to my bb for taking care of me all days in and out , bring me to hospital , prepare all my foods and daily routines, help me source medicine and etc… somemore purposely set up TV at our second room where i quarantined… *but i dont watch TV ..XD *

Continue our quarantine.