What is JCTRADE ?

I wanted more and that was how i started to change my stock investing journey into something more lively and interesting !

My first counter was 4731, Scientx dated on 16th March 2016 which was exactly a day before my day!

My stock investment was perfectly kicked start with decent profit on this first counter even without knowing what is “Stock Market”.

Today, i would consider myself the luckiest person for walking into the bank blindly with my IC and told them i want to buy share and i don’t know how. I was then like a kindergarten kid following all the given instructions by the commissioned dealer’s representative or what we called “Remisier”.

Account done – Keyed in buying price – Matched and Sell

That was the only whole idea of stock market for me.

Now, think back what i did was almost a suicide move . Just like how a lot of reported suicide cases due to stock market on the newspaper now and then.

You must be curious on how did i ended up choosing 4731 as my first stock .

People buy, i buy …

Easy Peasy !

That is why i called myself the luckiest person for not burning myself up at the very beginning.

I may not have a roller coaster story to start with …

That’s the usual technique for those gurus to share in the seminars to make sure human behaviour strategy works for them to sell courses / softwares.

My so called stock investment was started peacefully just like deposited into FD while i was fully focusing in my real estate business.

There is no climax , just like breathing everyday without the sudden attack of the haze… my stock portfolio remained one and the only , and everyday growing gradually…

okay.. times up now… i have got to leave this old town white coffee inside Jusco…

Let me end this up as Part I …

Continue soon !

#jctrade and #jctrade365 are my recent most used hashtags other than #jclife and #jctravel

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