Hi all. How’s life?

I always went missing on blog but I truly wish that I can keep writing at all time.

Half a year had past. It is 1st of July now.

Just discharged from the hospital and diagnosed with colon infection today.



There is a growing realization that I am aged.

I don’t feel good yet I have to accept that .. time passes without any hesitation.

The appearance of the laugh line makes me wonder whether it is a good thing or bad sign.

I wish that I can convince myself that I laugh too much and that is why the laugh line.

Fact is fact.


My startup is a month old. It is a very tough journey.

I can give a thousand reasons on why I think that it is going to be a billion dollar startup.

It is still not easy.

I never think of partnership because 99% of the partnership kill off friendship and become enemy-ship.

Oh, but I just did.

Funny that when it took me 7 years to believe that partnership kills and now I am like OH YES! LET’s DO IT!

I have faith.


Friend oh F.R.I.E.N.D,

Forever Friend Bear was my favourite but now hardly see them.


Because Friendship Forever is not in everyone’s dictionary.

Hardest question of the day is Who can breakfast/lunch/dinner with…

Because when the song ‘Two is better than One’ played, you can only sing ‘Lonely’ and eat yourself.

Shopping? Forget it.

Because, now all shop online.

I call it LAZADA



Hottest topic these days no other than how to make money.

Google on ‘How To Make Money’ and there are plenty of guidances.

No worry.

Just work on it.

But, one thing.

Health before Money.

Because money can’t buy health.


Who Owns What?

It is very meaningful.

Life is short.

Everyone says the same thing.

But, how many truly understand it?

No more words.


Because, life is really too short.

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